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Welcome! Your courage to engage and to explore your lived experiences is admirable, a gift being given to and received by you. The commitment and time you are open to giving yourself is immensely valuable and necessary for the journey ahead. Knowing the myriad of emotions evoked during the therapeutic process, I invite you to further consider how reaching out for support and guidance is a strength, one which will continuously be needed along the way in our work together. Vulnerability and honesty are necessary elements, as the exploration of the core self can only safely take place in the presence of another, committed to helping you unearth the roots of dis-ease, while keeping in mind you are so much more than the symptoms or presenting issues that bring you into therapy. 

My work with clients focuses on emotional distress, relationship issues, and spiritual conflict. I also support individuals struggling with their core sense-of-self, grief, and loss of desire and pleasure. Additionally, I specialize in women's issues, specifically as they relate to anxiety, depression, body-image, relationship with food, internal conflicts with self, and interpersonal tensions.

My passion is working with individuals on a deeper and more profound level, in a sacred space centered on cherishing and integrating the joys and sorrows of personally created and inherited ways of being in the world, with a focus on integrating internal parts of self.


E-mail: integrative@kathleenkoelschcounseling.com


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