Your courage in reaching out is admirable, and the act of doing so on behalf of yourself is the first step towards transformational growth and healing! The therapeutic process is an opportunity to process through your lived emotional experiences in a safe and sacred space, in the presence of a true other. Connecting with our innate resiliency, the exploration of our internal terrain does not need to be carried out alone. For it is in relationship with self and other that we may come to more fully recognize the beauty and strength residing within us, while also exploring and integrating the parts that have been harmed and are in need of care and compassion.

Complimentary Initial Consultation


My work with clients focuses on emotional distress, relationship issues, and spiritual conflict. I also support individuals struggling with their core sense-of-self, grief, and loss of desire and pleasure, anxiety and depression. Additionally, I specialize in women's issues, specifically as they relate to body-image, relationship with food, internal conflicts with self, and interpersonal tensions.

My passion is working with individuals on a deeper and more profound level, in a sacred space centered on cherishing and integrating the joys and sorrows of personally created and inherited stories.

I hold a graduate degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, and I am currently Level 2 certified in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

AEDP-“There is no better way to capture the ethos of AEDP than to say that we try to help our patients–and ourselves—become stronger at the broken places . . . and to discover places that have always been strong and never were broken.”

-Diana Fosha, PhD, developer of AEDP

Complimentary Initial Consultation